Alta vistaWelcome to our site!
“UBK Alta Vista” Ltd is the reliable successful enterprise. The main  activity of the company is processing, storage and sale of the agro-industrial complex products. Our company offers the ecologically clean output grown on the fields of Ukraine. We offer guaranteed commodities delivery within the stipulated time and conditions. Recently we have extended our portfolio to be offered to our clients and created new areas of activity. We have huge expertise of product delivery to Europe, Asia and China. This year we have started cooperation with the African countries. As of today we can offer: grain, flour, sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, soybeans, corn, walnuts, vegetable oil and honey. All exports are accompanied by all the necessary documents including: certificate of origin, phyto-sanitary certificate, certificate of quality and customs clearance papers. We are always glad to fulfill our commitments precisely and in a timely manner.